Why We’re Last

For whatever reason, the Republican party in the United States is intent on keeping the U.S. last in health care among the developed world. Reported in the well-respected medical journal, The Lancet, the Healthcare Access and Quality Index rated the U.S. 35th, the bottom of all developed countries. In addition to all the well-developed European countries, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Singapore, Slovenia, Kuwait, and the Czech Republic are all ahead of the U.S. We’re also one of the few countries without universal health care, yet we spend more on healthcare than most countries.

And now we have another “last ditch” effort of the Republicans to destroy the ACA, in part because it’s called Obamacare, and anything Obama did is an anathema to them. The bill would remove protections for preexisting conditions, make serious cuts to Medicaid,  end the Affordable Care Act’s tax credits and cost-sharing subsidies.

The net result, according to a Brookings Institution analysis  is that 32 million more people will be uninsured by 2027, relative to the current baseline.

My Republican senator, Cory Gardner is voting for it, yet Colorado is projected to lose $6 billion under this proposal! Not to mention the 12.5 to 15% of our population with pre-existing conditions that would be at risk. Senator Gardner, for once think of your constituents NOT your party. Work across the aisle to fix the ACA, which, agreed has some problems, but not so much as to scrap it altogether!!

Here are some of the groups opposed to the Graham-Cassidy proposed bill!

Compiled by The Washington Post.



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