The next president is NOT my president; not now, not ever! ACTION #4

The inauguration of probably the most unqualified U.S. president to ever step into office in these modern, complex times will take place January 20, 2017 in Washington, D.C. Take part in an anti-inauguration march or activity. I’ve listed a few, more will probably develop.

 Here are some of the planned anti-inauguration activities:

Washington, D.C., The Women’s Peaceful Anti-Trump Inauguration March, January 21, 2017

Chicago, IL:

Denver, CO:

Los Angeles, CA:

Portland, OR

Amsterdam, Netherlands (really):

Here’s a website with some information, plus they suggest using Google and event pages on Facebook for local events near you.

Remember these actions from Martin Luther King, Jr. about peaceful protests: From the Christian Science Monitor [ Martin-Luther-King-Jr.-8-peaceful-protests-that-bolstered-civil-rights]:

“Following the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi, the Rev. Dr. King believed that nonviolent protest is the most effective weapon against a racist and unjust society. But it required rallying people to his cause. Here are some of the most revolutionary peaceful protests King led: Montgomery bus boycott, 1955-56; The Albany, GA movement, 1961; The Birmingham campaign, 1963; March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, 1963 (this was the site of his “I Have a Dream” speech); Bloody Sunday, 1965” (the bloody part was NOT from the protesters as those of us who remember this know, but from the police and the racist mob and, “was a turning point for the civil rights movement, building public support and clearly demonstrating King’s strategy of nonviolence.”)

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