The Delights of Local Travel

Travel close to home can be exhilarating, connecting, inspiring—and I recently had all three of those experiences.

The first was thanks to another of those conscientious community businesses—in this case Holiday RV, Poncha Springs, CO (—that contributes to local fund-raising events. They sell, rent, and service all types of RVs, trailers, and campers. This fund-raiser was for Symphonic Salida, which brings members of the Colorado Symphony Orchestra to Salida for four concerts a year including free sessions at the local schools. And what did the CEO of Holiday RV contribute? Two tickets to the Broncos game! A bit of background: I moved to Telluride, CO from the East Coast in 1973 with my three children after my divorce from my first husband. In Telluride, it became a family tradition to watch the Broncos games. Two of my kids (now adults with grown kids of their own) are still great Bronco fans, in fact my son Pete named his dog John Elway. I went to the game with a good friend from Denver. We were in the 19th row at the goal line when Peyton Manning threw his 500th touchdown pass! If you’re not a football fan this will mean nothing to you, but believe me, it was as exhilarating for us as it must have been for Peyton! The Broncos won that game 42-10, but were expected to lose by 3–typical Bronco behavior, that’s why we love ’em.

blog 17-Broncos

The play that became Peyton Manning’s 500th TD pass.

 A few weeks later my son Pete came to visit for the week-end. We went for a drive through the mountains near where I live on back roads and had a picnic along the way. He has recently moved back to Colorado, which he considers his home (he was six when we moved to Telluride). It was one of those pleasant, peaceful times with some talk, some enjoyed silence, and the beauty of this place that we both love. We also drove through snow that day, our first of the season.

blog 17-cumberland pass

 Cumberland Pass and another range of mountains beyond.

 blog 17-snow

 Snow on the north side of Cumberland Pass.

 More recently, I visited friends in Dillon about 1 ½ hours from where I live and went to see the play The Mountaintop by Katori Hall starring Kim Staunton and Harvey Blanks at the Lake Dillon Theatre Company ( The LDTC is a professional company with first-rate actors in a tiny, intimate theater in Dillon. It is an experience to be savored, and this play was exquisite. It depicts the last night of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in his hotel room in Memphis, TN—the night before he is shot—and his conversation with the maid, Camae, who brings him coffee. . . or is she a maid? The play, the dialogue, the acting—all are a brilliant arc of light in our cosmos. [How I remember those times—all those assassinations. What was wrong with us? Today such hatred continues, but the killings are different.] Both actors were superb. Harvey explained to us in the talk-back session after the play how he studied videotapes of Dr. King and how he spoke, moved, even to the way he moved his mouth. If you live anywhere near Dillon, CO make an effort to get to the LDTC, and see The Mountaintop preferably there but at least somewhere! And if you miss The Mountaintop there, go for one of their other excellent performances!!

blog 17-LDTC

 The Lake Dillon Theatre Company—a regional treasure.

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  1. I am so jealous that you got to see Peyton throw his 500th touchdown pass!! I’ve started getting more into football (it’s all Drew’s fault), so I can actually appreciate that. I bet it was completely amazing getting to see that in person.

    Thanks for sharing, and thanks for the pictures! Colorado is such a gorgeous state.

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