Issues: Trump and Ignorance, Trump and Russia, Is Impeachment Possible?

Here are three REALLY GREAT resistance sites:,, and

It may seem like a small failing, not knowing how to correctly address Japan’s Prime Minster Abe, but, for me, it’s symbolic of the larger incredible ignorance of this president on so many levels. It’s like the picture I have of him making fun of and denigrating the reporter with the handicap. It was an appallingly ugly scene and not one I’m able to forget. But his ignorance goes beyond social and diplomatic gaffes.

An evaluation of the first executive order on deportation and immigrants was cited as “malevolence tempered by incompetence . . . .[it reads] as if it was not reviewed by competent counsel at all.” Quoted from a blog by Benjamin Wittes, editor-in-chief of “Lawfare.”  In fact, further investigation indicates that it wasn’t reviewed by any competent or relevant agencies or counsel. There are multiple examples of this and it’s only the first month in office!

But besides ignorance, incompetence, and no knowledge of how legal government works, there is the Russian connection. As much as I am dismayed by the DeVos (Education) and Pruitt (EPA) appointments, the influence of Putin (and make no mistake, in this case Russia IS Putin) on the democracy of the United States of America is horrifying. This has to be investigated by a special counsel and a bipartisan, select committee. It is up to Congress to get this to happen.

Keep pounding your Republican Senators and Representatives to DO something about this. Here are sources of more details.;

As far as impeachment is concerned, I’m sorry to say it is unlikely. There may well be grounds from business dealings to the Russia involvement in the 2016 election but the GOP has never been known to put the country first before the party (not sure the Dems have either, for that matter). Congress is unlikely to support impeachment unless Trump screws up so badly it becomes a major embarrassment for the party, and that is certainly possible. However, it is necessary to have an investigation into the full Russia-Trump connection as there may be possibilities there. It doesn’t hurt to encourage your GOP Senators and Representatives to distance themselves from Trump and name your reasons.

I’m not a big believer in the effectiveness of petitions, but it doesn’t hurt. To sign petition for impeachment:

Keeping track of the bizarre and frightening actions:




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