Indie Bookstores: Finding the Unexpected

What’s at your favorite independent bookstore besides books? I had a gourmet lunch at mine, The Book Haven in Salida, CO  including fragrantly flavored Miso Soup, Spinach/strawberry salad with walnuts, Thai Curry Vegetables w/basmati rice that was just as if I were back in Thailand, and Caramelized Bananas in a blended silken tofu sauce sweetened with maple syrup. Delicious! And I met some people I didn’t know and visited with some I did. All of this took place in the “living room” (also the dining room on occasion) of this service-oriented local bookstore. I’d like to know what’s special at your favorite bookstore besides the books!

blog 66-dha in ThailandHere I really am in Thailand videotaping the fascinating architecture.

In addition to these occasional luncheons, The Book Haven sponsors a monthly author’s reading, a book club, and periodic salon concerts. Here’s the link:


The Book Haven in Salida, CO.

I have given book presentations (mine is not just a reading but includes a slide show of photos and video clips that’s why I call them presentations) at several bookstores. One of them was The BookBar, a small indie in NW Denver, specializing in books and wine, and it’s a café too. Here’s their link:

Do let me know what’s special about your favorite bookstore. Is it their comfortable chairs where you can sit and browse through what books you might like, their coffee, their book club, their friendliness and ease in which they can order what you want?

Here’s a link to information about my book presentations, which are customized and can focus on any one of  a gamut of topics. Scroll down for specific presentation information:



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