I’m leaving on a jet plane—is there any other kind?

Blog 3-Ethan ready for his senior promI’m leaving on a jet plane—is there any other kind? But seriously, my grandson and I took off this morning for Japan. He just graduated from high school and starts college early this fall. I told him I would take him on an international trip of his chosen destination—not as an extravagant gift, but as part of his education, as he has not traveled out of North America. His choice: the Peace Park in Hiroshima, Japan. So we travel to Tokyo then Hiroshima and Kyoto, followed by Siem Reap, Cambodia; Thailand; Bhutan; and India. In each country we will have home visits with students Ethan’s age as well as the usual sight-seeing. Some of the places we are visiting I have been before, a few several times, but even if not new to me, they will be new as seen through Ethan’s eyes and impressions. So it will be an educational trip for both of us, but like jet planes, is there any other kind?

Blog 3-Ethan and his dad on Bali Ha'i before we leftFortunately, my son, Ethan’s dad, is a teacher so he can stay at my home and water my garden while I am away. My mother was a terrific gardener, she could grow all kinds of scrumptious, tasty vegetables in her high desert home outside Santa Fe. I inherited about half her skills, but no one else in my family has any interest, except my other daughter-in-law, and she and that son will be out of the country too. So I’ve actually taken pictures to show Peter what belongs in the garden and what doesn’t belong, like tumbleweed and wild sunflowers that grow too tall to move the cages I have to have around anything succulent here to keep the deer and rabbits out.

The photo is of Ethan and his dad on Bali Ha’i III before we left while we were commissioning her in Florida in 2001. The other one is of Ethan today. They do grow up, don’t they!

I’m not sure how often I will have Internet access and time to use it even if available. I will post about our trip as I can, but in the meantime, I’ll revert back to Voice of a Voyage once a week.

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