We were in Peru for just under 4 weeks in April 2016. These hotels are where we stayed so it is first-hand information, but definitely our opinion based on our experience. With one intentional exception, Inkaterra in Aquas Calientes, we stayed in basically 3-star hotels as rated for this part of the world, all ensuite.

Where NOT to Stay

Niños Hotel, Cuzco: This was our only negative hotel experience in Peru for several reasons. It started even before we arrived. We were driving a rental car and I emailed the hotel to make sure there was a safe parking area. Their response: “Yes! We can recommend a safe car park, is not problem when you will arrive at hotel.” An absolute lie as it turned out. When we arrived they had NO idea where we could park and left my husband sitting in the car on the street unbeknownst to me, even though they told me that someone had gone with him to show him where to park. A policeman showed up and told him he had to move; finally we got someone from the hotel to take him to a car park, but it took him 4 tries before he found one, and it gets worse from there. This was the ONLY hotel where we had to pay for safe parking plus cab fare to get there and back. Our room was quite cold, and I asked for a heater; 2 hours and 20 minutes later we got one!. All of our hotels in Peru, with one intentional exception, were in the same price range, basically what are considered 3-star hotels in this part of the world, but this was the ONLY hotel that did NOT include breakfast.  There are several other incidents and problems, but hopefully that is enough to steer you away from this. If you want to help out the street children that the hotel owner assists, as the promotion indicates, go to the expensive, but good quality, gift shop attached to the hotel or make a donation. Do NOT stay at this hotel.

Hotel Recommendations:

Lima, Miraflores area: Hostal Torreblanca. Great location and staff, comfortable, clean, good breakfast, and a reasonable shuttle to and from the airport with reservations made ahead. Highly recommend.

blog 93-Miraflores park

Lovely park in Miraflores, Lima, one block from Torreblanca.

Nazca: Hotel Alegria, nice courtyard, clean, comfortable, Good staff, breakfast, convenient travel agent next door for making arrangements for fly-over of Nazca Lines.

Chala: We only stayed here because it was too long a drive from Nazca to Arequipa, but if you don’t have to stay here, don’t. I don’t remember our hotel name, but I would not have recommended it, although I’m not sure there is any hotel in Chala that is any better. Also, we had read that the seafood in Chala was quite good (it’s on the ocean), but that was not true.

Arequipa: La Casa de Mi Abuela, very good, an extensive compound with a dining room, helpful staff, good breakfast, clean, comfortable. Wayne became ill here (not from their food) and we needed a doctor. The staff was very cooperative and helpful with this.

Cabanaconde, Colca Canyon: Hotel Kuntur Wassi, maybe a 3-star hotel, but a 5-star staff. Lovely setting, good meals, clean, comfortable. This time it was my turn to get sick, although with altitude sickness (we had been above 15,000’ for some time), even though I live at 8,200’. The staff, especially Esther, were particularly caring and helpful. This is a much better location than Chivey for exploring the canyon and for viewing the Andean condors. Highly recommend.

blog 93-Kuntur Wassi entrance

Entrance to Kuntur Wassi.

blog 93-Kuntur Wassi view

View near Kuntur Wassi at rim of Colca Canyon.

Puno: Hoteles Hacienda del Peru, adequate, clean, helpful staff, good breakfast, dining room, located near Calle Lima a major walking street and just ½ block from the main plaza. Our room had a pleasant little enclosed balcony area with table and chairs for relaxing. Good location for taking off for Lake Titicaca trips, although not on or within easy walking distance of the lake.

Taquile Island, Lake Titicaca: Where we stayed didn’t have a name and we wouldn’t recommend it. It might be the rooms in the home of Senor Pedro (but I’m sure there are many Senor Pedros there). Make sure when you make arrangements to stay over that you request a home stay. we thought that’s what we had, but no, just 2 not so comfortable beds, no electricity (although the family had enough for lights and TV from solar), not even a candle. It’s an interesting island and we enjoyed walking around it on the many paths, although we had wanted interaction with the family.

Ollantaytambo: Samanapaq Hotel, an easy walk to the main plaza, and about a 20 minute walk to the RR station for the Aquas Calientes train. Clean, nice breakfast, pleasant grounds and gardens, nice lounge area, most of staff very helpful. Our first room was definitely on the small side, but our next room when we returned from Machu Picchu was fine, although slightly more expensive. Laundry was expensive here.

Aquas Calientes (now referred to as Machu Picchu Pueblo): Inkaterra, if you can afford it, this is the ONLY place to stay. It’s half the price of the hotel next to the ruin itself (which is quite luxurious, I understand), but this has so much more. We were met at the train immediately, our bags taken, the entire staff were excellent, especially those at the EcoCenter. The meals were delicious, service was very good, and all the extras were a treat from a Pisco sour your first evening (many hotels did this—not Niños, of course) or tea each day, bird walks, a guide we could hire there for the ruins the next day. Breakfast and dinner were included as were most activities through the EcoCenter. The grounds are lovely. Our room was exceptionally comfortable with a fireplace, 2 easy chairs and coffee table, and someone to start a fire for us whenever we wanted.

blog 93-Inkaterra entrance

Entrance to Inkaterra.

blog 93-hummers blog 93-orchid

Hummers and an orchid on the grounds of Inkaterra.

blog 93-me at Inkaterra

Me enjoying our comfortable room at Inkaterra.

Abancay: Hotel Turistas, adequate.

Ayacucho: Hotel Santa Rosa, adequate.

Pisco: El Mirador, a few minutes walk to the waterfront, pleasant garden area, adequate.


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