Carl Safina

I wrote some of this on Facebook, but the photo and the person are so interesting, I think it bears some repetition, and you might not be a Facebook “friend.” I’m never quite sure how that works.

Blog 5-Carl Safina and elephant seals

This terrific photo taken by Barb Ferguson is not only of elephant seals and penguins, but of Carl Safina, noted author, scientist, and environmentalist. Carl wrote a nice endorsement for Voice of a Voyage. “A rich, entertaining, narrative of an emotionally affecting late-life voyage. Houghton-Alico is a hardy sailor and, more important, a heart-felt traveling companion.” Thank you, Carl!

He wrote Song for the Blue Ocean, Eye of the Albatross, and The View From Lazy Point, among other books, hosted a PBS series, Saving the Ocean, and has authored roughly 200 scientific and popular publications, including features in The New York Times, and National Geographic, and a new Foreword to Rachel Carson’s The Sea Around Us. I quote from his bio: “His work probes the science as well as the ethics of our moment with nature. His writing has been awarded such distinctions as: New York Times Notable Book of the Year, Los Angeles Times ‘Best Nonfiction,’ Library Journal’s ‘Best Science Book,’ Lannan Literary Award, John Burroughs Medal, the National Academies’ ‘Year’s Best Book’ for communicating science. Safina is a recipient of the Pew Scholar’s Award in Conservation and the Environment, Chicago’s Brookfield Zoo’s Rabb Medal, and a MacArthur prize, among many other honors.”

Check out and his always interesting and informative blog!

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