Cappadocia: The Magic

There is more to Cappadocia than its ancient history. “There are many above-ground buildings created in fantastical shapes from monasteries to mausoleums to today’s bed and breakfasts. What made both the underground cities and above-ground ‘buildings’ possible is the geology of the place. Its soft volcanic tuff was shaped by erosion and wind into demiurgic shapes. It’s a fairytale land best seen with child-like eyes.” [Excerpts from Voice of a Voyage]

blog 74-Cappadocia-3

 In this case I’ll let the photos speak for themselves as it truly is a magical place.

blog 74-Cappadocia-4

blog 75-Cappadocia-3

Wayne on the 2nd floor of one that’s inhabited.

blog 74-Capadocia-1

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