I do know that if I want you to read my blogs, I must be consistent about posting them, so you’re not wasting your time. From now on, I will post a new blog every week-end, so if you look on Monday (or whenever convenient for you that week), there will be something new. I really apologize for my inconsistency before; travel, getting ready for winter, oh I could come up with lots of excuses. I am sorry.

The focus of my blog is travel, but this week, I’m focusing on a color—yellow. I feel surrounded by yellow from sunflowers in their last blaze of glory to the changing aspens; from the yellow blossoms on the chrysanthemums a friend gave me for my book launch party to the pictures of the daffodil bulbs I’m about to order. And there is the rising sun on the cover of Voice of a Voyage: Rediscovering the World During a Ten-year Circumnavigation.

blog 11-sunflpowers

Sunflowers in my garden.


Voice of a Voyage cover.

Yellow folds into travel in memories of the Miyajima torii, which I have shown before, but here’s another golden view of it. Because the sun was so bright on it, it made it seem out of focus on my little camera, but it really looked like it was shimmering as seen here.

blog 11-miyajima torii-1

Miyajima torii, near Hiroshima, Japan.

Shortly after I returned from my Asia odyssey with my grandson, I left again for Delaware and my youngest sister’s wedding. You’ll see why that trip reminds me of yellow—well, gold really.

blog 11-gold shoes

My sister, Viara’s, wedding shoes.

Everything was lovely about the wedding, which was held at the historic Brick Hotel in Georgetown, DE. I especially enjoyed spending time with nieces whom I rarely get to see, but Viara’s shoes ‘took the cake,’ not the wedding cake, of course, which was delicious. Anyone heading to that area, I highly recommend The Brick Hotel, but not the Lazy L at Willow Creek B&B, where my sister and I shared a room but I ended up sleeping on the floor on a skimpy mattress because my bed was so awful!

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