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I was curious about what others wrote in travel blogs, besides the guidebook sorts of things like where to stay that’s cheap and doesn’t have bedbugs or cockroaches. Here are a couple that I found (just highlight the links and copy and paste into your browser): I included the details of the link for the photo of tents in Antarctica, which I don’t think is OK for me to include here even with the appropriate citation. So here’s a totally different photo from one of my trips.

blog 16-icing-BangkokFrom ice to “icing,” a decorative roof at a palace in Bangkok.

 I enjoyed this one by a woman who visited France with her sister and niece. She’s definitely a woman after my own heart as she comments a lot on the food (who wouldn’t in France). If you have a chance to read my book, Voice of a Voyage: Rediscovering the World During a Ten-year Circumnavigation (available on or order from your favorite independent bookstore) you will find I talk a lot about food from around the world from boiled viper to . . . . Hopefully, you’ll take a look and find out for yourself.

blog 16-olivesA few of the choices from an olive seller in Turkey.

 I love Mediterranean food, but also Cambodian, Japanese, Indian, Thai, and the poisson cru in French Polynesia is to swoon over, as well as most other cuisines from around the world. Sometimes what we caught ourselves and ate on our beautiful sailboat, S/V Bali Ha’i III, was pretty good too!

blog 16-dha and lobster

 Here I’m enjoying fresh lobster and a nice French wine in the cockpit of Bali Ha’i.

 What are your favorite travel blogs? Leave me a comment as I’d like to hear about them.

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  1. is a fabulous blog (although sometimes her language is a little colorful, just as a heads up to people who might not be comfortable with that). Her husband travels A LOT for his work, and she started traveling with him and writing about their adventures in her blog. She’s been all over the world and her blog is a fun read.

    • Susie, when I went to this website there were only ads. I’ll try it again sometime, though. Congratulations on your new job! I won’t send you more Voice materials to comment on, but hope you’ll keep looking at the blog and pass it on to others interested in travel. Take care!

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