Shame, Horror, Fear, and Loathing in U.S. Politics

It isn’t just that the latest disaster from the Republican candidate has to do mainly with white women, that enough is enough have become fighting words, as many have said.

No, it really is enough is enough! His denigration of women crosses all those boundaries: we are many colors, many ethnicities, many religions. We are half the world. And those of us who think (yes, I’m deploring and insulting those who don’t) know that if we are U.S. citizens registered to vote,  we have a responsibility to vote for Hillary Clinton. And NOT just to defeat the other side. A vote for a third-party candidate or a stay-at-home is a vote for the monster in our midst. But a vote for Hillary is more than an anti-vote.

I have been reluctant to write about this election because I am so horrified and ashamed of what the Republican candidate stands for. It is beyond belief to me that he has any followers. Yet he does. What this says about my country is not only frightening to me, but so astounding and unanticipated, I feel I have been living in a cocoon, a dream, perhaps another planet. Certainly I understood there were differences of opinion, fears of the “other,” racial, ethnic, and religious bigotry, but I had no idea it was so widespread.

I was a Bernie supporter although I was concerned about his lack of knowledge of foreign diplomacy and his financial plans, which I fully expected to become more realistic. I had been uneasy about Hillary, but as I did my homework, I discovered many of the half-truths I had thought about her were even less than that. There is so much negative baggage that she does NOT deserve. No, she’s not perfect, but she has paid her dues, she understands the issues, she can compromise when necessary, she has the skills, knowledge, and personality to be President of the United States. And she is a woman. Brava, Hillary!!

If you did not hear all of Michelle Obama’s moving speech in New Hampshire, please use this link and listen to it all. It explains what I am trying to say. PLEASE watch and listen!!

Some photos of women and girls from my travels around the world: Thailand, Sri Lanka, Peru, Turkey, Cuba, Yemen, Greece, and finally me on my lost planet.


thailand-nw-martha-girl-playing 2016-8-29-3-12-Sri Lanka-Galle-students in my after school English class where I volunteered blog 92-Quechua-speaking Peruvian woman blog 76-young weavers and dha blog 39-cuba colors-modern dancers blog 32-3-Yemen-women shopping-Lillian


blog 36-dha sea kayak


Credits: The Thai photo was taken by Martha Eubanks who came to visit us while we were there for over a year during a trip she and I took to the northern area. The Yemen photo was taken by Lillian Duckworth on our shared trip to Sana’a with our husbands, while anchored in Aden. I do have pictures of girls and women in those areas, but Martha’s and Lillian’s are better!

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