I know I am way overdue for another post about Peru. I have been preoccupied with summer in the mountains where I live, including hiking and gardening, and just being outdoors, a little poetry, and some of the business of life, which seems to get in the way of living that life. I will at least get on to Machu Picchu and Cuzco, but don’t hold your breath! It will get announced on my personal and public Facebook pages.

I’m not going to delete or close the blog as there are many interesting posts from various places in the world besides Peru. This world that I have encircled 3 times (so far): by air for 6 days with my husband including a 4-day stop in Assam, India for my son’s wedding; by air for 5 weeks with my grandson to introduce him to the wider world, especially Asia; and 10 years with  my husband on our sailboat, which I have written about in “Voice of a Voyage: Rediscovering the World During a Ten-year Circumnavigation.” All fascinating trips and reinforcing my appreciation for the diversity of the world, which we should celebrate, rather than try to kill!

CELEBRATE DIVERSITY! Your neighbor does not have to look like you, believe like you, or speak the same language, but is still your neighbor, as we all are.

Photos of one of my interests that takes me away from my computer and these blogs.

2016-7-17-flower garden

One of my flower gardens. This was just a pile of rocks when I moved in, some of which you can see that now encircle the garden. Below one of my vegetable gardens. The “cages” help keep the rabbits, deer, etc., out, and allow me to eat lots of salads all summer.

2016-7-17-blog 101-garden

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