Russian Connection?

Is there a solid connection or not? We don’t know, but the American people need to know the truth. There are many threads, but do they amount to a tapestry of anti-democratic activities? We don’t know, but the American people need to know the truth.

Every day there is some lure put out there to catch our ire, our spittle, our invectives. In the meantime, the real work of the current administration goes on. It appears to be to basically dismantle the federal government powers with the exception of the presidency and military, but pass anything that might be left down to the states.

In the meantime the Russian connection gets kicked aside. Give me a break, did the 45 campaign collude with Russia or not, did Obama really tap 45’s offices? What is important here??  That a foreign power successfully disrupted our democratic processes or that the president keeps insisting about these taps when there has been no proof, no possible evidence, nothing except his and a couple of cronies’ words?

When it comes to Russia, as my mother used to say there is his, hers, and the truth.  We don’t believe the administration’s version, but we can’t settle for the liberal left’s version of all guilty until proven innocent either.  The only answer is an independent prosecutor and investigations on the possible the Russian connection. In this case the American people have a RIGHT TO KNOW!

Republican Senator John McCain, never a fully-fledged 45 supporter, stated, “There’s a lot of aspects with this whole relationship with Russia and Vladimir Putin that requires further scrutiny, and so far I don’t think the American people have gotten all the answers.” KEEP DEMANDING FOR AN INDEPENDENT PROSECUTOR/INVESTIGATIVE COMMISSION!

The irrelevant tweets and blasphemies about the taping of Trump Towers is just that IRRELEVANT! The ridiculous partial budget is IRRELEVANT! Even the dismantling of EPA is IRRELEVANT (I am a hard-core environmentalist, so difficult to write that) until we know if there was conscious collusion or not to sway the election between a candidate’s campaign and a foreign government.

I really don’t mean we should give up all the other fights, e.g., EPA, but we have to keep hammering about this no matter what red (and real) herrings are thrown in our way.

For detailed information on what is known see:

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