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Fantasy permeates our culture right now (in many ways). But I need to move back to travel, the main theme here. I had a marvelous trip to fantasy land this past Saturday traveling only 2 hours from Salida to Pueblo, Colorado (believe it or not)—the Met’s HD opera presentation of Mozart’s “The Magic Flute.” Wait, don’t run away! I know this isn’t what you expected.

I love opera because it is so fantastical. Who can sing a heart-wrenching aria on their death bed? And where can you have music, drama, singing like this? I’m a New Yorker originally, so I am partial to the Met. As you enter the opera house, you’re already in fantasy land with the chandeliers and the setting at Lincoln Center. But back to this opera. The costumes were designed by Julie Taymor, who did them for “Lion King” also. I can still see her giraffes ambling across the stage. But these were even more amazing. It’s not possible to show photos of them, although I doubt that photos could show the airiness, flights of fancy, and creative luminosity of these costumes and the set itself. It was extraordinary, magical, and exceptional escapism on a cold, snowy day.

The word travel comes from the French travailler, to work hard, and, even worse, the French word was derived from the Late Latin trepalium, a device for torture! Travel can be like that sometimes. But to experience travel as pleasant escapism, consider opera.

blog 58-sunset

This is a photo that has noting to do with opera, but can inspire you to fantasize about where you want to travel to next!

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