Effective Resistance

According to the experts—and there are experts in effective resistance—don’t be content with symbolic protests in the street. Rather you need documentable research, planning, and lots of networking and sharing of tasks and information. I’ve mentioned this before because each one of  us can’t act in all the ways on all the issues that concern us, so pick one or two, become knowledgeable about exactly what is happening, e.g., is there any legislation concerning these issues, are there national groups working on these specific issues, is there a local group involved with this, and what media outlets do you need to use to be effective? Sometimes it is only a phone call as the thousands of phone calls to fight the Republican attempt to get rid of the ACA showed. But you have to reach those thousands first.

Have a specific outcome in mind; not just the end of 45’s time in office. Show that what you are doing is patriotic. We’re not a bunch of elite intellectuals, socialists, or retired hippies. We are acting because we care about this country and its basic principles. Be courteous no matter how angry or upset you may be. Work with your own legislators. Calling or emailing Paul Ryan if you don’t live in his district won’t make any difference.

This is an excellent list:

198 Methods of Nonviolent Action

Mass protests such as the “Day Without Immigrants” is thought to be a good example. So is the bodega strike by Yemeni-American business owners, when 1,000 bodegas and other businesses shut down in Brooklyn, NY on a specific day to protest 45’s initial immigrant ban. It’s just one example of how much daily commerce relies on the hard work of many American immigrant families.

I mentioned this before, but in case you missed it, don’t use his name, don’t use his photo: 2 ways to fight the egocentric loony who is President of the United States. 45 (with thanks to Sara Van der Burch for that idea) because he is the 45th person to hold that office. Instead of a photo, show a silhouette, shadow, cartoon image, or blank, anything but that face!


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