e-book version of Voice of a Voyage now available

My publisher, Sunstone Press, just let me know that the e-book version of Voice of a Voyage is available for pre-order from such sites as Amazon and downloadable (is that now a word?) as of 1 March.
Here’s the Amazon link, but you can use your favorite source for e-books:
blog 53-Final-country flags plus SSCA Commodore's burgee and CO state flag
If you haven’t read it, I hope you will. It’s been getting excellent and insightful reviews. Here’s an excerpt from one (there are several on Goodreads and Amazon in full): “This is a book for all who question life, all who want to know more about the world we live in, and all who enjoy traveling the world—even if it’s a voyage made in a favorite recliner. It both delights the soul with beauty and disturbs the mind with unpleasant realities. Best of all, it makes one think.”
Please look at (and like 😋 and comment on!!) my public Facebook entries, link below. They’re about lots of places in the world. 
Also, I welcome comments here. If you’ve read Voice of a Voyage, let me know what you liked or didn’t like. Is there a part of the world I visited that you haven’t yet and are interested in? If so, ask me some questions.
Thank you!

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