Appalling, horrifying, bizarre: it just keeps coming, not just from the White House, but Congress. No surprise, when they’re all in the same pocket. And who’s pocket might that be? The 45 brand (remember I’m not using his name, just the number of his presidency, if you can call it that; don’t legitimize him with his name or photo, even when making fun of him), or is it Putin? Remember the Russia connection, which has never been investigated completely.

Because new issues keep being rammed out, we never finish with the last ones. Here are 4 that continue to need addressing with your representatives in government.

1.     The Russia connection, 45’s finances, the use of the White House as a marketing tool. This needs a thorough investigation by a bipartisan commission and a special counsel. Just because we have so many new horrors, we can’t let the past ones be forgotten as they seem to have been.

2.     The gagging of the media. This is anti-democratic to the EXTREME! The New York Times, the BBC, you’ve got to be kidding. But no, there were lots more. Only the conservative press was allowed. And the slurs, the media is “the enemy of the people.” OMG, This is TOO MUCH! Please fight back on this one. Subscribe to one of those papers, write your representatives, write letters to the editors.

3.     The start of education privatization, which began with the DeVos appointment, but proceeds in Congress. Good non-profit charter schools with proper oversight are not the issue. It’s taxpayer money subsidizing private or for-profit schools, some religious, some charter, some home schooling. Parents should be paid like teachers, even though they have no training? Fight against House Bill H.R.610 – To distribute Federal funds for elementary and secondary education in the form of vouchers for eligible students and to repeal a certain rule relating to nutrition standards in schools. See for more information:

4.     Scott Pruitt, EPA. So the GOP rushed through the vote before those incriminating emails could be released. Tricky. Here’s what my Republican Senator, Cory Gardner, wrote back to me when I objected to the nomination initially. Not to worry, he’ll hear from me again! “Attorney General Scott Pruitt demonstrated that he understands the importance of protecting the environment while also standing up to overbearing federal regulations, including the Waters of the United States rule.”

Senator Gardner were you lying to me, are you just naive, or does your party line matter more to you than the well-being of your constituents, not to mention their grandchildren? There is absolutely NO indication that Mr. Pruitt has even the remotest understanding of environmental protection. Do you, Senator Gardner, have a pragmatic understanding of the scientific data about climate change, or are you one of those who has adopted some sort of farcical belief system that science doesn’t exist? My husband and I recently returned from Chile and Argentina and the Patagonia area. We saw and heard about the dramatic change in glaciers there. Anyone who voted for Mr. Pruitt must be held accountable for the disaster that is going to only get worse.

Melting glacier in Chile’s Patagonia area in February 2017.

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