Consumer Power and $$$$

We’ll get to Cape Horn in a later blog. In the meantime, here’s an easy idea. Use your consumer power to make a statement. It’s easy to avoid Trump Hotels and golf courses, but in addition to not buying Trump brands, complain to those stores that carry them that you don’t want to shop there if they continue to do so. Also if you belong or know of organizations planning a conference at one of those sites, write objecting to that.

But don’t let up pressure on 45’s tax returns and using his office as a marketing tool.

Here are some websites to check out for lists of related companies, stores, etc.

And if you want to add not supporting Israeli businesses that are in Israeli settlements in Palestinian territory, here are 2 sites to add. The product that stood out to me as I used to buy it is Sabra Hummus. Read more about that and, hopefully, you will stop buying it. Jewish sympathizers please note there are several Jewish organizations that favor the 2-state solution and the returning of taken land to Palestine that support this effort. – anti-Palestinian companies.


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