Charity Miles: Put Your Feet Where Your Heart Is (Not as difficult as you might think)

Take a look at the Charity Miles app; it’s free and for every mile you walk, run, cycle, push a vacuum around your home, or just walk from your desk to the water cooler a sponsoring organization will contribute to the charity you choose. The only ‘catch’ is (if you can call it a catch) is you have to pick from their sponsored charities. But there are plenty. I’ve selected She’s the First, which provides programs and funding for girls in low income countries to get an education.

Here’s the app information: just go to Google Play Store or wherever you get apps and enter or say Charity Miles. Once installed, you select your charity, and you can take it from there.

Here’s a link to my charity choice:

There are reams of documentation and data that show when girls and women are educated their families, communities, and country are substantially healthier and better economically, and several indirect benefits such as lower crime rates. Here’s a photo of some of the girls I volunteered to tutor when in Sri Lanka.

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