Becoming a Wanderer

DHA on sea kayak

This voyage at sea: had I constructed my own diaspora or had I become a nomad? Rather, I thought I was becoming a wanderer, a voyager meandering around the world. A traveler seemed too separate from the places traveled to. Generally we were heading west, and we had set courses that we followed on passages—there were certain harbors we were aiming for. Yet, it was all changeable depending on wind and whims. Yes, I wished to be a wanderer. [Excerpt from Voice of a Voyage: Rediscovering the World During a Ten-year Circumnavigation.]

Since returning from our circumnavigation in 2010, I have visited (or revisited) the Borneo part of Malaysia, the Kingdom of Brunei, Singapore, Costa Rica, Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, Bhutan, India, Spain, France, the Bahamas, Peru, Chile, and Argentina. I think I’m still a wanderer.

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