About Doann Houghton-Alico

Doann Houghton-Alico has had an interesting life, which, she was once told, is a Chinese curse.

She has been and continues to be a traveler, including a trip to China in 1978 before tourist visas to look at the role of women in the Chinese economy, and a liberal believer and activist for social justice. In the past, she has been a circumnavigator with her husband, visiting 41 countries and sailing over 43,000 nautical miles, including a visit to the Borneo part of Indonesia, as shown in this photo; a public interest environmental lobbyist in Washington, D.C.; a freelance writer; a single parent, a town councilperson; a newspaper editor and publisher; CEO/president of a technical writing company that she started; general contractor for the building of her own home in Telluride, Colorado; a contract editor and indexer of academic books; a prize-winning author; a public speaker; and an activist in the early women’s movement. She lives in Chaffee County, Colorado in a home she planned for “aging in place,” far from the sea, but with views of mountains that remind her of the untrammeled places of Earth.

Her book, Voice of a Voyage, published by Sunstone Press and available in paperback and as an eBook, is based on her circumnavigation, her interest in natural and human history, and the culture of the many different societies she and her husband visited.