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Home-Vanuatu dha with Elizabeth and 2 of the boysOur focus shifts as we grow in age, wisdom, experiences, perceptions. Here, my polestar is both the impact of my global circumnavigation and, I suppose, my age (I was born in 1940). I invite you to come on a voyage with me and see some of what I saw and learned in my ten years of sailing around the world with my husband.

Yes, there is a book; two actually. First, there is my chapbook Dancing Fish, that is half travel narrative and sailing stories and half poetry celebrating the ocean and my experiences from the circumnavigation, published in 2011.The second is Voice of a Voyage: Rediscovering the World During a Ten-year Circumnavigation, a travel memoir published by Sunstone Press in 2014.

Home-Vanuatu dha with Elizabeth and 2 of the boysThere is a special intimacy with people and places that happens via a sailing circumnavigation when we take time to be somewhere. I have written about this voyage from my perspective as a lover of the sea and as a woman fascinated by other cultures and intrigued by the behavior of wildlife and the patterns and processes of the natural world. It’s filled with adventure and exploration that goes below the surface, and there is the sailing itself, including night watches, days at sea, storms, and pirates.

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Voice of a Voyage Book Review at StoryCircleBookReviews.org

This is not a book about being young and setting off to see the world; it is a book about a woman in her 60s who has already seen much of the world and now wants to make sense of it. From the start of the journey—west from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to its final destination 10 years later, at the same port from which it began—this is the story of a woman's passage from one life to another.

"We live with what we have done, and what we have not done," she wrote.

The book is written through the eyes of a historian who is knowledgeable about the past that took place where she walks in the present. Finding parallels between the past and present is like "puzzle solving," she wrote.

This is a book for all who question life, all who want to know more about the world we live in, and all who enjoy traveling the world—even if it's a voyage made in a favorite recliner. It both delights the soul with beauty and disturbs the mind with unpleasant realities. Best of all, it makes one think.

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